Crandall Wedding – Virginia Wedding Photographer

Katie and Steve really had a beautiful wedding. Not only was the day gorgeous but they had a lot of family involved, including a wedding party full of siblings so we knew this was going to be a close group.  At one point I was called over to take a “cousins” picture and I think eventually I had to look at them and say “tell me this is everyone”. Steven and I love family, which is a part of the reason this job is so amazing.







Here comes the beautiful Bride!!








So many aspects to this picture where do we begin? The groom has the highest “ups” for sure but the bride is naturally who you look at first!! The man on the right  probably gets most creative, however I love the high five in progress on the left. Fabulous!









Classic! Kids completely transfixed by the sight of the wedding cake. The thought that they will soon get to eat it, especially if they are first in line which is OH so important. So focused that they forget one of them has part of the decorations on his head! Don’t you love the stare?


Uh oh, where did he go??


The Groom was digging LMFAO “Sexy and I know it!”