Elisabeth and Matthew’s Mill at Fine Creek Wedding

A Summer Wedding at the Mill at Fine Creek

Occasionally you have weddings with lots of build up leading up to the wedding. It can be for all kinds of different reasons, but this one happened to be because there was a hurricane supposed to dump 15+ inches of rain the weekend of the wedding. Elisabeth didn’t seem phased at all, and the awesome staff at The Mill at Fine Creek said they had generators and could handle anything! Thankfully the hurricane path changed and we didn’t have to worry about any of that! They were able to have their ceremony outside in the mill ruins and it may have rained for a total of two minutes the whole day! I’m not sure who called in a favor for them, but they definitely deserved the awesome day that they had! Here are some of our favorites…


  • Dress

Astrid & Mercedes – http://lea-annbelter.com/collections/astrid-mercedes/ – bought at Palm Bridal (Naples FL)

  • Florist 


  • Ceremony Venue 

The Mill at Fine Creek

  • Reception Venue 

The Mill at Fine Creek

  • Hair 

Lou Stevens – https://loustevens.com/

  • Makeup 

Lou Stevens – https://loustevens.com/

  • DJ

Dwayne Washington – http://www.debonaireentertainmentinc.com/dwayne-washington

  • Cake


  • Catering

The Mill at Fine Creek

  • Bridesmaids Dresses

Jasmine Bridal – Purchased – Bobbie’s Bridal Boutique (Fairfax)

  • Groomsmen and Groom attire

The Black Tux

  • Invitations/Stationary/Caligraphy