Katherine and Aaron Engaged!

Katherine and Aaron both lived on Boulevard which is how they met.  When it came time to decide on a location for their engagement shoot that was one of the places they wanted to take pictures! We love it! Steven and I have lived in this wonderful city our whole lives but it hasn’t been until now, walking the streets on a weekly basis, venturing into alleys and noticing the color of buildings, that I feel like we can finally say this is our city! With our engagement sessions we hear all about wedding plans. With family sessions we look back as we’re editing and feel like we know those kids like they’re our friends children. In any session we learn what the people do for a living and in their spare time. At weddings there’s always that person or people who say photography is their passion and they usually attach themselves to Steven. He can talk on and on about it! Our business has introduced us to so many people who by the end of the day, we feel like we could spend an afternoon at the river or catch a happy hour with!

Katherine and Aaron both teach which we admire very much.  We exchanged business ideas during the session and I think we even agreed upon a franchise opportunity 🙂 If only Aaron wasn’t a Pittsburgh Steelers fan we wouldn’t have had to remind him about opening day last year when our Ravens beat up his team.

We wish the best of luck to you two in Indiana this fall and we’re thrilled to see you again on your wedding day!





























We hope you two enjoyed Mamma Zu’s… I was thinking about their Eggplant Parmesan all night!