Mallie and Matt Married!

Besides the couple, there are always little details that I remember about each wedding. Whether the flowers were incredible, the groomsmen was a wild dancer, there was a great cake smash, etc. At Mallie and Matt’s wedding, her father’s speech will stand out to me for a long time. When Mallie was 7 years old she sang a song about the man she would one day marry. As a surprise her father had the DJ play the recording, and Mallie and Matt had their second, first dance to her little 7 year old singing voice. It was great to hear Mallie’s voice, mostly because no one had heard it all day. Mallie had laryngitis on her wedding day and literally couldn’t do anything but whisper. Mallie has such a gorgeous smile you didn’t need to hear a word to see that this was the best day of their lives! Thanks for letting us be a part of it!