Happy First Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Snead!!

When Rachel started talking to us about doing an anniversary session we were thrilled. She and John were laid back and easy going every other time we’ve photographed them – not to mention Rachel likes props… and so do I, PERFECT! She knew exactly what she wanted which, if you know Rachel, is not surprising. We shot at the University of Richmond a week and half ago and they brought THEIR DOG! We used to live near John when we were renting a townhouse and we tried to get Sam and Finn to play together. Finn was usually all about a stick and even though they had a large play area, it wasn’t fenced so leash playing loses its thrill mighty quickly for both dog and owner. Sammy is so striking, she ‘s such a sweetheart and I think she got 10 milk bones that day (eek, hope that wasn’t an issue John!).

 I was surprised to hear that John has never liked having his picture taken… BUT Rachel bribed him 🙂 Breakfast for dinner that night, what a great idea!