Matt and Mallie Engaged!

Steven and I were SO excited for this engagement session at Carter Mountain with Matt and Mallie! Photographing at out of town locations is an adventure and we love scenic Charlottesville! We had heard the week before that the apples were pretty picked over so we were determined to find them! We photographed these two the Saturday before Sandy’s presence was felt along the east coast. Sort of fitting for this couple and their meteorology backgrounds!

I think Mallie’s laugh would make anyone smile.  We left the session on such a happy high that I wished their wedding was sooner so we’d see them again in the near future. We can’t wait for May and a return trip to Charlottesvile you two!!

I think it was right before this picture when we realized we were towards the back of the orchard and the sun was setting fast. Matt pulled out his phone to check our location and he and Steven immediately began analyzing the map. Mallie and I were perfectly content finishing our apples and admiring the view!