Mini session with Lily’s wombmate!

Meet my twin sister Kate and Steven and I’s brother-in-law, Andrew (I actually have two brother-in-laws named Andrew!) These two were looking for a photo for their Christmas card this year and guess who they asked to snap some pictures, how convenient?  Kate has harassed me almost everyday to get her pictures back to them so I’m thrilled to be doing this blog post right now 🙂  Duke and Roxy, their sweet pups are making their debut on the blog even though this isn’t the first time we’ve photographed those two. What can I say about Duker and Roxanne… they LOVE people, they have lots of energy, their tails are really powerful and they DON’T SIT STILL!! But they’re awesome! These dogs were loving Byrd Park and all the geese waddling around. It was a good time and we found a little spot with some beautiful Fall leaves, perfect! Hope you guys enjoy these!