Scott Wedding! – Virginia Wedding Photographer

Brides who decide to take on the nerves of an outdoor wedding obsess about the weather! I know this because I was one of them and we had no backup plan!

I thought my weather stalking days were over but they aren’t. I watch the weather closely from about 5-7 days out for our outdoor brides hoping that the risk they took is worth the payoff! That brings me to Kelly and Daniel. Their weather was PERFECT! And with a venue like The Mill at Fine Creek their guests were able to enjoy all the beautiful landscaping and features that property has to offer! Kelly looked stunning under the sun and the 81 degree day in the middle of June was everything you could have asked for!

Steven has been asked before by a Bride what his favorite part of a wedding was. His response was the speeches. Kelley’s sister and Daniel’s brother gave two incredible speeches at their reception. He raved about them the entire way home and I have since heard about them on occasion. Kelly and Daniel also took the mic that night to thank their friends and family for coming to share their special day with them. Among other things, Daniel presented a chart that showed who he was crediting with he and Kelly meeting. Again, an awesome speech!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!!